• Start Today - Minimal Desktop Wallpaper



  • 2560x1600 Pixels

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  1. [...] Title image by MimimalWall.com. [...]

  2. [...] image by MimimalWall.com. hive fiveto-doproductivity  Discuss  Share  Tweet  Email  More [...]

  3. [...] It’s not a bad thing to take what you want from a method and leave the rest behind. It’s also not bad to try a new idea. For example, if you’re having trouble focusing on work, a Pomodoro timer is worth trying out. If GTD seems too complicated for your needs, give the Autofocus technique a try to organize everything. Image by MimimalWall.com. [...]

  4. [...] The point is, you don’t necessarily need someone’s exact system—you just need a system. Image by MimimalWall.com. [...]

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